A very wet Winter Solstice.

Today is the shortest day of the year here! I’m very happy about this because it means that after today the days can only get longer. That means spring and summer are finally on the way again! Woohoo! It’s been very wet in both Nice and Rome over the past couple of days. The dinghy […]

All I want for Christmas is…. Cable ties!

I’ve considered what I would like for Christmas for a very long time… I would like an endless supply of cable ties! Pretty please Santa Paws! I LOVE them! In fact I can quite honestly say I’m crazy about cable ties! They’re the best present a boat cat could wish for! Paws crossed. What do […]

Dinghy devil countdown.

I’ve spent most of today chattering with dinghy devils… The only problem has been that I’ve been trying to do it from behind glass and they’re definitely much less responsive than when I’m outside on the boat! I can’t wait to get back and protect my Nocturne from the dinghy devils. I’m counting down the […]

Sleepy Santa Paws

Christmas jumper etiquette.

How many of you have been unlucky enough to receive a Christmas jumper as a present? Last year I received one. To put it politely it’s not my favourite accessory. The problem is it’s often difficult to pull off the right ‘thank you what a great present’ face without looking like you’re saying ‘OK I’m […]

Remember it’s the season of goodwill to all…

Too many humans get so stressed around this time of year. They desperately try to buy things to make Christmas a special occasion, in their rush I’ve heard of them being quite abrupt and even rude to each other! What really matters is loving and caring for one another, spending time with loved ones and […]

Feeling loved!

I woke up this morning to find I now have 5000 likes on my Facebook page! I’m so grateful to have such pawesome furiends and I love each and evfurryone of you. Thank you for making my day today! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Bisous Bailey

Whispers on Caturday

Well I’ve finally discovered just how comfy my rug is! It’s purrfect Bailey size too! I love it! There’s lots of whispering going on here today. The humans keep talking about something big but I can’t figure out what it is… Maybe it’s my Christmas present! My Christmas Cactus was mysteriously found on the floor […]

Humouring humans

My humans are very curious creatures. I spend a lot of my time trying to understand them… When I do things I think might land me in trouble like steal something I just can’t resist, like a cotton bud or a sponge, and run away playing with it they often laugh and joke watching me […]

Not so tiny turtles!

While I was at cat camp I missed my ninja turtles. I was amazed when I came back at how big they are. It seems like every time I turn around they’re getting bigger! Look at them grow… They used to both fit easily into my humans hand and now it’s a struggle to pick […]