When the water’s really calm it looks like glass and you can see reflections in it. Sometimes I see boats and buildings reflected but the thing that really makes me gasp is when I see my reflection!


I don’t know why, but I always seem to think I’m bigger than I am! As far as cats go I’m quite big, but when I see my reflection, I’m reminded that I’m a pocket-sized ferocious feline. Not the tiger I often think I am. (Although I’m actually quite tall if I stand up on my back legs!)

Have you ever been surprised to see something in your reflection?

Bisous Bailey


  1. When I look in the mirror I see a big fluffy wolf! Wooooowoooooo! Bailey you are a big tiger to me!


  2. you is emperor of all kitty-dom, Bailey!


  3. enough to make anyone gasp Bailey…


  4. Bailey…don’t let your reflection fool you…you are the tiger you think you are. 🙂


  5. so dreamy and beautiful!


  6. Reflection? Are you talking about the Mirror Kitty who visits me sometimes? I hate her with a passion! And judging from the way she looks at me, I don’t think she is too fond of me either.


  7. digitalgranny says:

    Beautiful reflections


  8. I think you are a tiger for sure Bailey…maybe the water is reflecting you smaller 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx


  9. All da time Brofur Bailey!! Me finkz me iz Cougar n den me seez meself in da mirro n me iz like ”Who iz dat cute little kitteh?? oh wait it iz ME!!” MOL…
    Lub Nylalbue xo



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