Evolution excitement!

I have some exciting news! Next week we are going to be doing a big project on Nocturne. We’re going to fit a new autopilot!

We have one already but it’s old and has been broken for a while. We sent it away to be fixed and they changed the flux gate compass so now it will be a great backup.

The new autopilot is super duper, it’s been built for heavier boats and can steer us through much heavier weather! We’ve ordered the new Ray Marine Evolution autopilot and it will hopefully arrive soon so we can fit it next week. I can’t wait to show you all and try it out. Evolution autopilots are so clever it will be like having a new crew member on board! If everything I’ve read about Evolution is true this crew member will be much more intelligent than my humans! Purrrfect!

I will be able to get some proper rest while Evolution holds us safely on course.


Don’t forget tomorrow you’re all invited to my blog boat party to help me celebrate my first blogaversary!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Great news Bailey, you can’t have too much technology on board out there.


  2. Oooo how exciting. Whee can’t wait for your blogoversary!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


  3. digitalgranny says:

    What exciting news and we will be there tomorrow for your fist blogaversary party.


  4. I have mixed feelings about those things. Steering a yacht oneself is so much part of the fun …


    • I agree but when we came back from Elba for example it was 11 hours and I had to snoopervise the whole time to be able to take a little break when we start serious cruising will be very welcome! =^.^=


  5. We’ll be there with bells on. Did you know that we actually all wear bells, and Mom can tell who is who by the sound of our paws and our bells (even though all our bells are the same)? See you soon, brofur. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • wow! That’s really impressive! I had a bell for a little while on a collar but I kept trying to get it off so my humans relented and took it off I run free and stealthily now! =^.^=


  6. I’m sure that with your supervision, Bailey, that new autopilot will get installed without a hitch!


  7. Oh no, a machine smarter than your humans, and they’re pretty smart!


  8. Hi Bailey. My human is interested in an evolution auto thing a ma gingy also, but for his (our) 290 Sea Ray. He thinks it is overkill, but I say the more time you can spend paying attention to me rather than steering, the better! He asked if your human has a chance, to send him some comments about the gis a wicky thing. He promised me to cruise more on the East Coast next summer, Thats in the USA, Mvschulze@yahoo.com. Woof, Sandy Paws. Our boat is Sandy Pause!


    • Oh I completely agree, if the humans have more time to pamper us it has to only be a good thing! I’ll send you a little email later with the technical stuff after I check it with dad! =^.^=


  9. Good thing you’ll be there to snoopervise, Bailey!


  10. MOL Mum sayz sumtimez she iz on ‘auto pie-lot’ butt me doez not fink it iz Evolushun at all…just kind of her wanderin along….we iz eggcited fer ya all….den ya can sail all over da place wifout wurryin!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xxxxx


  11. Wow that is cool, but if you wanted a new crew member I would have been happy to come and lend a paw!!


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