Serenaded by a canoeist!

While we were in Gilio we were enjoying the early morning one day when a canoeist came past.


I’d never seen one, so naturally I went to have a closer look! He said that if he sees a Bella Donna he just has to sing! He took a shining to my mum and started to serenade her! He told my dad he was very lucky. He sang us some kind of opera with a lovely voice from his canoe!


It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! He was really nice and told us all about the history of the island and his family!


I thought his canoe looked pawesome! I love meeting new and interesting humans!

Happy Caturday!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Bailey …what can I say but that’s hilarious! I have only been serenaded once..when I was very big and fat and pregnant..i was sitting in a bath with one inch of water (bath almost overflowing due to my size) and my hubby asked if he could play his guitar and sing me a he started a Beatles song except changed the words to ‘money can’t buy me fat’…30 years later I still find it funny 😉 Have a great day sweet one..and watch out for floating Romeos! Hugs Fozziemum xx


  2. Ms. Phoebe says:

    MEWOW Bailey, mewz Mum is a gorgeous lady human! No wonder the canoeist was inspired to stop and serenade mew all. The canoeist was right when he said mewz Dad was a lucky man, except he left out another lucky man in her life, well manCAT– mew! Mewz Mum IS a truly lucky lady to have TWO loving and devoted men in her life: mewz Dad, her dear husband and mew, her sweet son. BOTH of whom are also extremely intelligent, funny, and handsome too. 💗 Purrrrrr!!!!


  3. Hi Bailey – well the canoeist was right – your Dad is very lucky because your Mum is a very pretty lady – no doubt The Singer saw that bikini and was inspired!!!! I bet riding in a little boat like the canoe would be a lot of fun……that man is pretty lucky to live on the island isn’t he! My Dad never serenades my Mom – I think it’s because she once told him when he sings it sounds like someone just stepped on his foot! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. if that is your Mom in the photo it is no wonder that he took a “shine” to her! i’m surprised he didn’t jump onto the boat!!! MOL!


  5. Is that canoeist nude Baily?


  6. Awww. Whee bet he was serenading your bootifulness too Bailey, don’t you worry!


    Have a great wheekend

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


  7. Great photo indeed! I thought the guy was nude too. Glad you didn’t jump to the canoe Bailey…:)


  8. Very cool experience! Woooowooooo, Ku


  9. That was a very fun visit! I think he should have serenaded you too, Bailey!


  10. That musta been fun, Bailey! And, yeah…that canoe guy looks like he’s nekked! 😉


  11. Yay for impromptu serenades! 🙂


  12. If I was a single, old fart, I would serenade your mum too. You can get away with flirting with a married woman when you’re old. When you are young, the husbands tend to want to punch you in the face. By the way, we call that a kayak in America.


  13. Yow da man waz singin to yer Mum n ya?? He shure waz friskee!!! Me Mum sayz deze ‘old geezerz’ are harmess n bery funny!!!
    me wunderz…what IZ a ‘geezer’?
    Do ya nose Bailey??
    Lub frum yer Ssifur Nylablue xo


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  15. Found this site on recommendation from my friend Gallivanta, think I’ll stay awhile.


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