Heading over to Ponza.

We had a reasonably calm night here on Nocturne. The wind picked up (gusting 25 knots with a slight swell) but she held well on her anchor and we didn’t budge an inch.

This morning I was up early checking everything over…


The humans and I had breakfast in the cockpit and enjoyed the sunshine which has decided to come out for us today. This afternoon we will probably sail over to Ponza. We might drag a line to see if we can catch something. So far we’ve not caught anything. The humans aren’t good fishermen! They complain that Italian fish aren’t easy to catch! Oh dear!


It’s so beautiful here! It was worth the long wait to come. I’m in my element!


I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!


Bisous Bailey


  1. Love seeing pictures of you on your Nocturne, Bailey. It’s easy to see how much you love it! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


  2. You keep a good look-out on your watch Bailey.


  3. You look great Bailey! Happy sailing!


  4. Oh Bailey it IS beautiful there – gorgeous blue seas and you keeping watch on everything aboard ship…..what’s better than that anyway?! Oh I know what would be better than that – if I was on board ship WITH you! 😀

    Enjoy Ponza………..Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  5. So perfectly at home!


  6. Are there actually fish left in the med?


  7. Bailey, you are such a bold kitty!


  8. Bailey, looks like you’re doing a fab job checking everything over


  9. Great photos. Love the first one. Hope all is well with you.


  10. Bailey, you look like you should be steering in that first photo!


  11. Good thing your parents have you there to check on everything! Enjoy the sunshine!


  12. What beautiful pictures! Enjoy yourself!


  13. “Italian fish aren’t easy to catch” – haha, your humans are funny, Bailey! You really do look like you are loving life on the Nocturne! I don’t think boat life would ever come as naturally to me.


  14. Looks like you are having a fab time! 😄 we are not very good at fishing either we both caught our first fish last Sunday but they were both babies so had to put them back lol! Enjoy the rest of your holiday xxxx


  15. It looks so exciting! Can I join you next time?


  16. OMG I love love love the first picture!


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