The party starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited I could pop! Tomorrow I’m on my way down to Rome with mum and we have a lovely surprise planned to kick off the celebrations for dad’s birthday. I literally can’t sit still. I can’t wait to show you all how pawesome it is… But I’m afraid he will see it, so you all have to wait until tomorrow too!

I’m also really excited because I’ll get to try out my new inflatable life jacket that Critter’s Inflatable kindly sent me. The humans have now attached the C02 cylinder so it’s all ready for me to use! If you missed the photos of me trying it on you can see them here! I think it looks really snazzy!


Well I guess I best get an early night this evening because tomorrow we are going to have a long and super exciting day!


Bisous Bailey


  1. Have fun, Bailey. So glad you have that life jacket!


  2. Bailey you just have to know that all of us who are your friends are almost as excited as YOU are for your sailing holiday – it won’t be long now and I’m so happy you have your new life jacket to try out! Bon Voyage Bailey…..can’t wait to see Dad’s surprise!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam


  3. Hello Bailey,

    First of all i wish you a warm and safe trip with your human companions! Don’t get too wet!

    btw, I’ve got a nomination for the Shine on Award

    See what you do with it, feel no obligation. Just see it as my token of appreciation for your work 🙂


  4. Have a good party and a safe time at sea.


  5. So exciting! Have a safe trip!


  6. Sparkle says:

    Paws up, Bailey! I can’t wait to hear all about it.


  7. Have a safe trip! Don’t get wet! HMC


  8. This is so exciting, Bailey. Hope you have a safe trip 🙂


  9. Everybody…. enjoy!


  10. Have fun!!!!!


  11. Stay warm,dry and safe Bailey and keep an eye on your Mum and Dad too 😉


  12. Enjoy, Bailey!


  13. Aww, so much excitement is tiring!


  14. So happy for you. Please take pictures. 🙂


  15. Bon voyage!


  16. Party on Bailey!


  17. Yow you even sleep ‘cute’ Bailey!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo


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