Compass deviation.

Compass deviation is when a magnetic field causes interference with the compass reading. It can occur when ferrous metals or magnets are within close range of the compass. The humans like to use Navionics and other similar apps on their ipads when we’re up in the cockpit. On several occasions they’ve put an iPad or […]

Dinghy devil!

Far too often for my liking we pick up an uninvited hitchhiker. This particular hitchhiker is otherwise known as… … the dinghy devil! I really don’t like the dinghy devil because he is always rude, he makes loud cawing noises, he frightens away the small, pretty birds and scares my friends the fish away. Not […]

Paw patrol!

Good times with good friends!

Mum has popped down to Rome for a quick visit and left me here in Nice. Mum and dad were invited to dinner last night with our good friends Carole and Guilliano. They had fish soup! I’m so jealous! I wish I was there. They’re our neighbours a few boats along the pontoon. I love […]

Finding the best spot for a sunset.

One of the best things about living on a boat and sailing to beautiful places is that we get to see the most magnificent sunsets you could ever imagine. I’ve been so lucky to see lots of them and yet I’m still searching for the perfect spot to enjoy them from! Some spots offer a […]

Anchor balls.

A vessel of more than seven metres must display an anchor ball. If it’s dark then an all round white light must be displayed. Our anchor light is pawesome. It’s at the top of our mast and it’s an LED light that uses nearly no power which is great for us since the humans insist […]

Dolphin encounter.

Remember my post delighted by dolphins? I’m still in awe of these beautiful creatures and how lucky we were to engage in some playtime with them before they went on their way. While we were on anchor I didn’t have very good Internet and so I was unable to share the photos that we managed […]

Happy world turtle day!

Happy world turtle day everyone! The day is to encourage us all to respect, learn about and protect one of the worlds oldest creatures. The American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) is sponsoring its 13th annual world turtle day! You can find out more about them here. I have learnt so much since we got my pet […]

Brave balance…

Home sweet home!

We’re back in Rome! One of the great things about sailing away in Nocturne is that we never actually left home! Our home came with us! But now she’s back in her berth in our marina. Yesterday at 5.30 the humans got up and the next thing I knew the anchor was coming up, the […]