Puzzling Portholes!

Well it’s starting to warm up here in the Mediterranean and that means we will very shortly be having all our portholes open most of the time. It gets far too hot onboard unless there’s a steady flow of air through the boat.

This is grrreat as far as I’m concerned, because I love lounging on my favourite spot on top of the wardrobe feeling the light sea breeze and watching the world go by. We have mozzy nets (nets to stop the mosquitoes getting in) in all the portholes, which we ensure are well in place before we go to bed.


Last summer the humans stupidly thought that the mozzy nets would keep me in the boat. What they forgot is I have special razor claws and with one quick swipe I can pull them out! This led to a couple of evenings last summer where my humans were running around our marina with biscuits calling my name! Mum got quite hysterical – it was so embarrassing!

So this year they’ve been thinking of ideas to keep me in when I’m not being supervised outside. Mum’s quite happy to keep everything shut and fry us alive, she seems to enjoy living in a sauna! But luckily dad insists we have everything open.

He’s been devising a new invention to keep me inside, mum calm, and him cool! I’ve seen a sneak peek of the work in progress…



The project actually looks quite fun to do…


You can tell dad’s been concentrating by the pile of pistachio shells!



I’m allowed outside during the day while my humans are there to supervise me but for some reason I’m not allowed out at night-time. So I have to be naughty and try anyway! I’m nearly two! That makes me a teenager in human terms. I’m sure my humans were trying to sneak out at night when they were my age! I’m looking forward to seeing how long it takes me to sneak out!

When I first saw the last photo I thought hooray that’s purrfect! I can get my paw out of that hole in the middle and figure something out, but I think dad heard my thoughts and has decided to go with lots of small holes for all the other covers. He’s promised mum there’ll be no way I can escape to the dangers which she seems to think appear outside during the night.

I think that sounds like a challenge… I accept!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Ho ho humans! Challenge has already begun 😀


  2. You have a smart daddy.


  3. Gotta stay inside during the overnight. You just don’t what kind of sea monster that may lurk at night.


  4. Aw….Bailey. You know what curiosity does to kitties: best you stay inside with your humans!


  5. Be careful Bailey – they might decide to put you on a lead!


  6. Humans can be so sneaky and devious. You are going to need to be even more devious to outsmart them. If we think of anything, we’ll let you know. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  7. It’s for your own good, young man!


  8. Keep it up Bailey, I’m sure you’ll figure out something.


  9. Listen to mum and dad, cos they’re smart! There’s cat dangers, like falling overboard while they’re asleep…………


  10. This is a difficult situation. I am glad your human is fortified with pistachios. They must be brain food.


  11. Humans think they are crafty… but we kitties are craftier! I know you will be doing some creative thinking, Bailey.


  12. They make screen material that is pet proof, maybe they should try that. You need to stay on the boat for your own safety.


  13. stealthfur0ne says:

    If Dad pops some more holes in there it may be the trick. I would suggest using galvanized screen of the 1″x 1″ or even 2″ x 2″ variety. It is very stiff and could be put onto a wooden frame that was cut out of thin marine ply. Just a thought! I want you safe my friend! Purrs


  14. Humans + pistachios make for some truly incredibly inventive “keep Bailey INSIDE” solutions! We kitties love a good challenge – I’m sure you’re devising ways around whatever he comes up with….but that’s OUR little secret Bailey! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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