Cubby holes!

One of my favourite things about Nocturne is that I have so many cubby holes to choose from. This one outside is my favourite though…





In 17 days mum and I will do the road trip from Nice to Rome and it’s finally our holidays! I’m so excited! Paws crossed for good weather!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Oh Bailey I can see why that’s your fave cubby – it’s “Bailey-sized” !!!

    I know you’re excited about your holidays AND the road trip…..YAY……

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. We’ll keep all things crossed for you Bailey! So looking forward to seeing the photos. Enjoy memories of snuggly places until then.


    • I can’t wait and I promise to take tons of photos! Dad laughs at mum and I because we don’t stop. We have a great camera but not many photographic skills… So we take hundreds to get a few pawesome shots! I think it’s worth it though! Bisous Bailey


  3. Lubly cubbyhole Bailey!!!
    Oh bacashun…soundz FAB!!! We nose you will hab guud weather….xo Nylablue


  4. Looks like a long trip Bailey.


    • It is. It takes us between 8 and 8 and a half hours. It’s about seven and a quarter hours but we stop lots for breaks. I don’t mind. I sing for about an hour and then I sleep. I love the service stations because I always get a crowd around the car when I do my little exercise routine! Bisous Bailey


  5. That looks like an excellent hidey-hole from where you and pounce on your humans’ feet and ankles as they walk by. Of course, it also looks like a good spot for a long nap.


  6. Oh yeah, I can just imagine that is one of the cool things about having a boat! That’s something I would really like!


  7. Oh, you sing for an hour on your trip? MaChatte only goes 15 minutes to her vet and she speaks Chinese on the way, lol! I hope your holidays will be long.


  8. You are just continuing the love affair of cats with small spaces. Throwback to the safety of the cave?


  9. Nocturne was made just for you Bailey.


  10. Good luck sweetie.


  11. Not that you are counting or anything 🙂


  12. Bailey — You look like a stowaway!


  13. Paws are crossed, Bailey 🙂 Happy Weekend!


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