Grey days are for cleaning and snoozing.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of March and the weather is still so bad. Today it’s been raining ALL day!


It’s not cold particularly, it’s around 13/14 degrees celsius, but its very grey and wet.

According to the locals it’s the wettest year the Côte d’Azur has seen in about 25 years! I can’t wait until we get some good weather and the sun shines. It seems that most of our friends dotted around the world are having extreme weather conditions too. I hope it gets better soon so we can go out sailing. I must admit I much prefer it when it’s sunny and I have my paws crossed that the weather will get better soon.

So mum and I have been cleaning out the turtle tank. Michael-Angelo and Milo have grown so much, I can’t quite believe it!




And now it’s time for a little nap I think!


Bisous Bailey


  1. There’s still snow on the ground in my yard, Bailey. I think this year was rough weather for everyone. But my kitty Sandberg has been getting to see more and more bunnies, squirrels, robins, sparrows, and cardinals out our windows. Spring is coming 🙂


  2. After so much hard work it’s no wonder that you have to take a nap, Bailey. Sleep wel 🙂


  3. Time for you guys to set sail to South Africa. Admittedly, you wouldn’t be able to sail up to Johannesburg but I can tell you that we are having the most wonderful, perfect weather here. My word, those turtles have grown incredibly big. Well done to you, helping with the cleaning and refraining from eating them.


    • Oh I would love too! You’re super lucky to have nice weather! Try and enjoy it for all of us that are still enduring winter! I can’t believe how fast the turtles are growing…. They’ll be as big as me soon!


  4. That beach is really pretty. Is that right near your flat? I remember you and the humans went on a picnic on the beach a while ago.


  5. It’s always time for a nap. We’ve been doing a lot of napping since our weather continues to be crummy as well (VA, USA). We think your turtles are really cute. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  6. It would be ideal napping weather!


  7. Sleep well Bailey, and good weather is just days away.


  8. I have a feeling Bailey that you like to snooze, rain or shine!


  9. It must have been tiring, supervising Michael-Angelo and Milo while their tank was being cleaned!


  10. Ohh you look so comfy! Don’t worry we have been struggling through a LOT of rain as well. It has finally eased off a bit. Hope you get some sunshine soon


  11. wow, what a beautiful shot, even if it is cold


  12. What a beautiful photo of a handsome sleeping Bailey!


  13. Thank you =^.^= Bisous Bailey


  14. No sunshine here either, Bailey. 😦 We’re ready for spring!


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