Elliot the engine’s been evicted!

Elliot the engine is no more!

Remember I told you about finding water in the fuel when the humans ended up rowing home? You can catch up here.

Well it turns out the carburettor was ruined too. Since this would cost quite a lot of money to sort out, and the little 3.5hp was only really a spare, bought because it was a good price, the humans decided to take him back.

Mum was sad to see him go, it was a fleeting love affair. Since then dad’s been training her up on Emily the beast! She can manage to start her now after lots of moaning about how heavy it is and lots of pathetic attempts! Dad assures me she’s just being a pain and actually it’s very simple and just needs a forceful pull. I’m sure she’ll pick it up soon enough. Either that or she’ll be stranded!

I still can’t believe the difference in the size of the two outboards! Dad’s happy that Elliot the little Mercury has come off the dinghy, and Emily the massive Suzuki, has regained her place at the heart of our family car!



Bisous Bailey


  1. Oh, that is a shame for Mum. She’ll have to build up those muscles 😉


  2. I’m sure you can help her to give it a good tug, too.


  3. The Suzee is probably a better match in terms of power for the boat. It just needs a good hard pull to overcome the higher compression ration mum. 🙂


  4. Have to say my sympathies are with Mum


  5. We went through two dinghy’s alone last season, and we enjoyed rowing each one… partially because we didn’t want the outboard headaches and partially because I love asking Steph if got her tickets to the “Gun Show” – flex those muscles!


  6. Ah the joys of machines. They seem to break at the most inopportune times


  7. Yes Emily, there’s no place like home!


  8. So much fer da new motor; sumtimez da original (VBP) iz da BEST right Bailey!!!??


  9. probably for the best. s/v Buckeye has never had much luck with our 4-stroke Mercury (aka the fickel b!tch)!


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