How to kill an iPhone, iPad and an outboard simultaneously!

I think I know you all well enough now to confess how silly my humans can be. About 6 months ago they managed to destroy an iPhone, an iPad and an outboard all in one short ride home! How on earth did they manage that? I hear you cry! By being complete muppets! That’s how!

They’d been to Captain Tony’s for dinner and they were coming home in the dinghy. I often go over for dinner too, but luckily on this occasion I’d stayed curled up on Nocturne. They’d had a lot to drink and were having a really good time laughing and joking on the way back. The weather wasn’t the best, and there were reasonable sized waves rolling in through the marina entrance. They decided to go into the entrance and ride them. Only intoxicated humans would think that this was a good idea! They enjoyed 4/5 waves and were heading back out when all of a sudden a MONSTER WAVE came rushing towards them!


Dad shouted ‘hold on!’ and the next thing they knew they were in the water. The wave lifted the bow out of the water and the power of it just flipped the dinghy completely over, throwing my humans out. Luckily neither of them hit their head and after a minute or two of confusion they found each other and managed to cling on to the capsized dinghy. It was about 2am and so even with the marina lights it was fairly dark. With the waves still rough they decided the safest plan of action was to get on top of the bottom of the dinghy and wait for it to wash up on the rocks. Mum was still clinging to her iPad laughing and dad threw it into the water telling her it was already ruined and it was more important to cling on to the tender now and prepare to be washed up onto the rocks. He also threw in his iPhone to prove a point as it was sodden in his pocket. Climbing onto the dinghy was painful because it was covered in barnacles and the humans got a few scratches.

After a while they hit the rocks and clambered up and onto the pontoon. They were lucky, again, not to hurt themselves. They ran down the pontoon and then realised that they would either need to walk a long way around to get back to Nocturne or they could swim across. Now in the safety of the marina and already soaking they decided to swim the short distance and climb up the safety ladder onto our pontoon. When they got back I didn’t know what to think, they looked like little drowned rats! They jumped straight into the shower and then headed back out to see about recovering the dinghy.

By this time the marina staff had seen the dinghy and were coming to help. Dad went back with them in the rescue tender but by now the waves were too dangerous to try and get it off the rocks. When we woke up in the morning they had recovered it and kindly tied it back on to Nocturne still upside down. The outboard, however, was completely ruined, and the seat had come off and sunk. Dad wasn’t too upset about the outboard as he’d been looking at getting a new one anyway, and now he had the perfect excuse. But we were all sad at the loss of the seat. Mum had lost her shoes in the water with the force of the waves and they washed up a couple of days later on the beach. We all crossed our paws that this would happen with the seat too. Unfortunately it seems that it sunk straight away and is in a muddy heaven with the iPad and iPhone.



I’m really glad that I decided to stay on board Nocturne that evening and not take a swim with the humans. We now have a rule that no apple devices are allowed in the dinghy unless they’re in a waterproof case! I’ll be keeping my life-jacket on too just in case they get carried away again.



Bisous Bailey


  1. Yes, Bailey, PLEASE wear you life-jacket on at ALL times!


  2. An expensive muppet show! Guess they’ve learnt a lesson. Glad you wear your life jacket 🙂


  3. Hi, Bailey! I’ve been following your blog for over 2 months now and I love it! I’m not much of a talker and I rarely comment but I just wanted you to know that I’m fully enjoying your adventures (and your parents fun stories, like this one! LOL). Keep up the good work!
    BIsous, Ivy


  4. Lorna Mitchell says:

    Glad you are safe love reading your blogs


  5. Glad you stayed on board the Nocturne that night. Seeing a wet kitty is not a pretty sight.


  6. Please keep that life jacket on sweetie.


  7. Glad your humans are ok Bailey!


  8. Now we know why you posted about the barnacles being cleaned from the bottom of the dinghy and the new outboard motor. We bet your humans sobered up fast when they landed in the water. We think you should have gone along as the designated driver. Super glad your going to keep your life vest on when you are in the dinghy. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  9. YIKEZ!! DAt iz a scary story Bailey… iz lucky you were safe in da Nocturne fer shure!!!
    Sumtimez dese Hu’manz get a bit carried away…..n da wunder bout US????
    At least no one waz hurt n Dad had a guud sense of humour bout what happened.
    Lub Nylablue n Mum


  10. Sparkle says:

    More proof that humans are crazy! This is why I don’t let my human go near boats – this sounds like something SHE would do. DO keep on that life jacket, Bailey – at least you have some sense!


  11. I’m glad you weren’t with them as well Bailey


  12. We talk about drinking and driving, and I guess drinking and boating isn’t so great either. Oh yea wear that cute little life jacket!


  13. This gave me a good giggle!


  14. up to this point we’ve only lost a few screwdrivers and our flag & staff off the stern in a windy night on a mooring… really hope we don’t loose our toys this summer!


  15. I’m scared of the water, I would much rather hang out with you and watch the grown ups be silly from afar. Your blog is beautiful and so are you! Meow meow.


  16. WOW – what an exciting evening your humans had BUT some lessons were learned and some new safety rules were instituted so it wasn’t a total loss!! I’m glad you weren’t on the boat that night though Bailey – you are a very brave boat cat BUT being flung into the water even with your lifejacket on might have been a bit UPSETTING!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  17. Bailey.. Ur making me look bad!

    Dad x


  18. That is a crazy story. At first with that guilty look on Bailey’s face I thought he may have had something to do with it.


  19. Humans are stupid at the best of times, and one wouldn’t think they could get any stupider, but they seem to manage it after lapping up some of that nasty-tasting water they like so much! 🙂


  20. So pleased that you have your own life jacket – I think I would keep it on at all times!


  21. What a harrowing adventure, That was an expensive dinner!


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