Anchoring in Ponza harbour.

Today I’d like to show you Ponza town, this post follows on from Caves in Ponza and Palmarola, explaining why I can’t wait to sail back to Ponza in May. Last year we went twice. In May for two weeks for dad’s birthday and then again in June for two weeks with cousin Chlobug and her dad.

Usually we prefer to find idyllic quiet anchorages where we can be immersed in nature and enjoy the tranquility. However, sometimes it’s nice/necessary to go into town to get supplies and do a few bits and bobs!

Each visit to the town we’ve anchored in the harbour, which officially isn’t allowed! However in Italy most rules are bendable and we certainly weren’t alone!


You can see Nocturne there in the very middle of the photo, she’s distinguishable by her beautiful curves and green sail cover.

Ponza is like a pretty little postcard with its pastel coloured cubed buildings…



It’s a a lovely fishing town and the colourful fishing fleet provide both entertainment and some of the tastiest and freshest fish you could ever wish for.




Even just looking at the photos of these fish makes my mouth water. And just look at these giants!


The most important thing to think about, on top of all the usual considerations while anchoring, is to keep well out of the way of the hydrofoil and ferry’s path, which is the main form of transport for the locals to and from the island!


As much as we love visiting, we are always happy to get out of ‘dodge’ and sail around to the other side of the island to the beautiful Chiaia di Luna and enjoy how lucky we are to take our home with us!

Bisous Bailey


  1. What a picturesque setting. And, those two fishes can fill a lot of Fancy Feast cans.


  2. So pretty! Is it warm there in may?


  3. Fish! No wonder you want to go back! The beautiful pastel houses make the whole place look beautiful. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


  4. What a pretty little village – and oh! Those fish…


  5. So pretty. Why aren’t you allowed to anchor in the harbour? Is it because you might obstruct the ferries? I hope you like fish Bailey. There’s so much of it.


  6. Very nice location Bailey! And your very good with the camera too.


  7. lovely boats


  8. great colours! Makes me want to be there!


  9. So beautiful! You’re so lucky Bailey!


  10. WOW!! What a beeutifull place dat Ponza iz…no wonder you LUB to sail Bailey!!!! Mum sayz she wishez she cuud find a man wif a boat like yerz!!!! MOL…Nylablue


  11. Beautiful!



  1. […] will be good enough for us to go sailing. Maybe even to Ponza again because we had such good fun last time. Until then, I’m happy admiring my new PAWESOME life jacket from my new box they kindly sent […]


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