Windy weekend!

Mum left for Rome last night and left me here in Nice in charge of the turtles. Elizabeth is supervising all the feline fiestas!

The humans had their friend Guiliano over for dinner last night, because he’s a great guest he brought them some wine, and because he knew they were both there he assumed I’d be there too. He brought me some Sheba cat meat! Obviously I’m a little annoyed that mum didn’t take me but she said for a couple of days it’s too far to drive, so she flew and it’s too expensive for me to fly too. I’m really touched that Guiliano thought of me though, and I can’t wait to taste it when I go in just over a weeks time!

Actually, I’m quite smug here snuggled up because the humans are riding out a windy spell in the marina. They love it but I get a bit restless with all the noises sometimes, so I’m happy to be peaceful here!

I’ll see my beloved Nocturne soon when the bad weather has been and gone (paws crossed). I want to catch some rays on top of the solar panels!


You can see how windy it is by looking at our flag and our neighbours boat’s angle in the water!

The humans went out for a windy rainy walk, mum put on a weird bandana thing to keep her hair from tangling in the 44 knots of wind. Dad said she looked like a boy! Although I don’t approve of her fashion faux pas, I can understand her reasons because I don’t like getting my fur ruffled up either!


Here they are in front of Nocturne. They look happy to be out in the wind and rain… I will never understand humans!


I’m just chilling out and having lots of cat naps!


Bisous Bailey


  1. Bailey, You definitely have the best spot. We hate the wind and so do our humans ’cause then they can’t ride their tandem bike. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  2. I bet it was much better to stay inside anyway! 😉


  3. Dear Bailey, you are in the best place!


  4. Great photos Bailey! You certainly have the better digs!


  5. You know how those humans are…..they do strange things sometimes. You’re cozy tho, that’s good!


  6. Wow, Guiliano is a good friend Bailey.


  7. Yow Bailey me iz happy you iz safe while da Hu’manz wrestle wif da Wind n Rain!!! Me can not be out in cold wind or it makez me sick!!! Mum won’t let me eben sniff out da door if it iz too cold; yet she goez out in a blizzerd to buy milk?? Go figure?! Hu’manz are bery odd me finkz!!!
    Lotz of Lub frum Nylablue xo


  8. Hi Bailey! Well it looks to me like your parents are loving where they are, and you’re loving where you are…….AND there will be TONS of time together on that beautiful boat soon enough…..spring is on the way!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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