Valentine’s Day take two!

So mum has left me all alone the day after Valentine’s day (how rude!), she’s gone down to Rome to be wined and dined by dad.

She just rang me super excited because dad was unexpectedly romantic! He made a little treasure hunt all over the boat with beautiful little hearts and hints to find the next heart and it all led to a lovely bottle of perfume!



I think dad's earned some serious brownie points with mum, but I think he should have shown me he loves me too. But I'm enjoying some down time now and snoozing because I have my friends coming over tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone!

Bisous Bailey



  1. How romantic of your dad! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I just bet your Mommy makes it up to you when she gets home….
    Purrs, Sundae


  2. What a cool idea! I think it would be cool if humans did that for their cats, only leave treats instead of hearts…


  3. So you definitely looked relaxed. And it does look like you needed some down time…so it is nice mom and dad got to have a romantic evening. Purrs and hugs, the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  4. I bet there will be a surprise for you too when they get home.


  5. Oh how sweet of your Dad. That’s just so romantic.


  6. I’m with Sparkle! It can be heart-shaped treats, as long as their treats 😉


  7. Very sweet


  8. That’s romantic! My boyfriend can learn a lot from your daddy!


  9. That is so sweet of your daddy!


  10. Yer Dad iz such a sweetie to do a hunt fer da Mum!!!
    You lookz so relaxed in da pic; me iz gonna go imitate (VBP) you bery soon.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Nylablue n her Mum.
    Pee Ess: Me Mum got me a stuffed piggie fer Balentine'z Day 😉


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