Fish markets!

Mum left for Rome last night for a flying visit. She’s coming back tomorrow.

The humans have been to the markets in Rome today and seen lots of yummy things.


I want to go next time because apparently there’s lots of fish!



It makes me hungry just looking at them all! They look delicious! I really need to practice my fishing this summer. I’ve been trying, but I’ve not caught anything yet.


Since the humans aren’t here, I’ve been out and about around Nice. It’s a secret though, don’t tell them!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Watch out Bailey, it’s a dangerous world out there…


  2. Stop! They’re making us hungry as you no doubt were too when you saw the pics. No wonder you’re off on a hunt 😉


  3. Alessandra says:

    tee hee, naughty litle rascal! I’m out too, my human friend sent me out because I was naughty and scrached the couch. But I can come and go just as I please, I have a cat flap and it’s quite a good thing actually to run away when she is coming with the noisy thing that sucks in all the dust. Hate the thing!
    I will have a look to the stars and maybe we see the same ones!
    Have a pawesome weekend.
    Purr-purr, Bailey the crafty cat!


    • Aww I hope we can see the same ones! I live on the fourth floor in a building full of flats so I don’t go outside here in Nice other than supervised visits to the balcony. But I make up for it on the boat in Rome because I stay outside all the time watching the birds!

      I like going out into the hallway outside the flat though to sniff all the new smells and sharpen my claws on the neighbours doormat! Shhh don’t tell anyone! Bisous Bailey =^.^=


  4. I love markets! Those are great pictures!


  5. An impressive market.


  6. Oh Bailey! Look at ALLLLLLLLLLLL those lovely fishies!! YUM!! Can’t say that I blame you for sneaking out and taking a tour of the marketplace – just make sure you “cover your tracks well” so your parents don’t get upset that you “went fishing”!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Sammy it was the humans that went to the market place I just went on a little tour of my building! But I’m hoping to go and see all the fish next time! They look so tasty! Bisous Bailey


  7. When the parents are away, the cat will play………and why not if the parents are having fun!


  8. Be furry careful, Bailey!
    Love, Sundae


  9. The best fish is from the market! Or fresh out of the water. 😉


  10. Come on, Bailey, let’s get fishing on the market 😀


  11. MMMM doez pix made me mouth water…so much so dat Mum broke out da Tuna, Tuna, Tuna fer me!!!! Me triez to go out in da hallway but Mum sayz dere are monsterz….me finkz she iz just wurried me wuud run thru the place, MOL!!!!
    =^..^= Nylablue.


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