Internet withdrawal symptoms.

We’ve been cut off!

We knew this was going to happen because we are changing service providers, so we currently have no phone line or Internet connection.


The old box is not happy… It’s flashing nasty messages about us not having an account. Our new box has arrived today though.

We’re reliably informed that the connection will be live and everything will be ready to plug in, in a few days. Until then we are going to struggle with Internet withdrawal symptoms.


On the plus side, once mums emptied them, I’ve got two new boxes to play with! Hooray!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Boxes are the best!! At least you got something good out of the debacle, Bailey!


  2. Oh dear, in France this is not a good place to be! We spot an SFR box (not giving it up, are you!) and hope you have a better reception than we did.


  3. Oh that stinks Bailey! If you are used to a daily dose, this is most difficult. Hang on, see you soon. 🙂


  4. At least you have boxes.


  5. Well, boxes are good – no internet isn’t so good BUT the boxes will make up for it Bailey I promise!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  6. I like your positive attitude Bailey. And I can tell you know a good box when you see one.


  7. I know what those symptoms are like – eat chocolate!


  8. Always look at the bright side of life 🙂


  9. Yow Bailey if we had no Net me Mum wuud go a bit cwazy me finkz!!! She lubz to check in on da Facebook n here n lubz to answer da emailz!!!!
    In fact she opened her Pnone n Net bill online n it waz W-A-Y more den befur n she called da company n she let dem have it guud!!!!
    They were bery guud n gave her a deal but she said it waz just to shut her up 😦
    She told me we might be goin to a new Phone/net company next year 😉
    Fer now we iz ok so dat iz ALL dat matterz!!!!
    Kitty hugz Nylablue xo


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