The epic rise of the ninja boat turtles!

This is the story of my pet ninja’s rise from rags to riches!

Michael-Angelo is a red-eared slider and Milo is a yellow belly. The humans were inspired to get them after we saw a sea turtle one day out in Nocturne.


We were on our way to Ponza and when we saw these cuties in a market, mum was overcome by them and puuuursuaded dad to buy them. In retrospect it was very silly and irresponsible for the humans to get them because we knew nothing about the little guys or how to care for them. Here’s Michael-Angelo and Shelly the day we got them.


Luckily despite this little hiccup my humans and I are animal lovers and usually very responsible so we did lots of research and vowed to look after the ninjas to the best of our ability. Unfortunately Shelly died within a couple of days after refusing to eat anything. This left Michael-Angelo on his own. Dad made him a special little swimming pool in Nocturne to cheer him up!


Then we decided to get him a new friend and we went and got Milo from the market in Ostia. I told Michael-Angelo not to worry.


They lived on the boat for a little while until we realised we needed to figure out a more permanent situation.


So they came back in the car with mum and I from Rome to live in the flat in Nice. To begin with we didn’t have anywhere for them to live so we put them in the bidet! They loved their new UVB lamp though.


Then they got a new tank but we knew it wasn’t really big enough…



We got them a new fancy rock which they loved…


But they were still living in the bathroom, because mum insisted on shutting me out when she wasn’t around. She doesn’t think I can be trusted with them on my own. I don’t know what she means, I love them, and I was very helpful while we were setting up the new tank.



Dad’s solved mums worrying though by making a nice wire lid so I can’t get at the turtles can lounge on the top of the tank and be close to my ninjas!


The new tank has an inbuilt filter and heater so the turtles now have everything they need. We’ve also got them some proper hatchling turtle pellets, which means they’ll get all the nutrients they need. Both Milo and Michael-Angelo are very happy in their new tank!


And that makes me very happy too! I just hope that the other poor little ninja turtles being sold to people who know nothing about them in markets, are as lucky as my little guys. It’s very, very important to understand the responsibility you’re taking on when taking any new pet home.


Bisous Bailey


  1. You’re such a good turtle caretaker!


  2. longtooth says:

    That wire lid your dad put up may just cave in on your ninjas, Bailey! Not even suggesting you’re heavy 😉 heaven forbid…just that the wire may not be sturdy enough. Have mum check.


  3. Bailey I think you and your family are taking excellent care of your turtle buddies. They have a lovely tank and surroundings and YOU to keep an eye on them. What more could a couple of ninja turtles want????? Love the new tank……it’s purrrrrfect and what a nice spot from which to watch “the boys” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. Your pawrents are very conscientious, Bailey, and that’s a good thing. So nice that your Dad made the wire top for you!
    Purrs, Sundae


  5. Way to go Bailey. Just tell mum and dad that you’ll stick to canned tuna and not eye the two ninjas as antipasto 🙂


  6. Fascinating post, really great turtle pics w/ Bailey playing the godfather. 😀


  7. It’s very nice to hear their whole story. Turtles in a bidet….that’s a new one!


  8. Bailey, that’s a super fancy tank system for your friends! I am sure you wouldn’t mess with them but the metal grid is great for you to lay on. 🙂


  9. Love your turtles, they are so cute! Thanks for sharing the whole story. 🙂


  10. Lucky turtles, lucky Bailey.


  11. Aww. I love the pictures of you looking after them. What a sweetie.


  12. … and good advice as well


  13. Aww, you’re so sweet with your turtles, Bailey. Can I come to rub your belly 🙂


  14. Looks like you’ve got the perfect spot to keep an eye on them:-)


  15. What a fabulous story Bailey about how you came to be a ninja cat!!! I love the photo of you with paws crossed beside the tank & the bidet pic had me laughing ALOT!!!!
    Your Humans are very wise people to have found out how to care for their wee ninjas & you are the purrfect turtle sitter!!!!
    Love the new set up for them..maybe they will even grow some now 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.


  16. What a nice thank! 😀


  17. *Tank!


  18. Alessandra says:

    yeah Bailey you are so right! there are so many peeps out there who buy animals and have no idea about them and don’t actually really care about them. It’s the same with bunnies. In Switzerland, where I live with my human friend, it’s against the law to keep only one rabbit, they have to live in pairs. Unfortunately it’s hard to prrof and people only get ridiculous fines it they get caught. Rabbits need lots of space to run and it’s so sad that they often have to live in little cages and get the wrong food. I think it’s the same with turtles too. I’m so glad that your mum and dad are responsible persons. And you take good care of the turtles when they are away!
    Meow, Bailey (and my human friend Alessandra is also waving her paws)


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