Suitcase security

My mum’s mum arrived last night and I’ve been busy investigating, and doing some thorough security checks, to make sure that her suitcase complies with my strict rules of the flat.




I found these so she was permitted entry…


Anyone that brings treats is granted a visa to my world straight away! Today they went out shopping and guess what they saw…


My friend Misaki is famous! She has her own jewellery shop in the South of France! How pawesome is that?!

I’m sooo excited because dad’s coming tomorrow and in his honour I’m playing with a cable tie!



Bisous Bailey


  1. That’s a thorough search! Good thing you found those hidden treats.


  2. When suitcases arrive in your home you are allowed to perform a security check AND confiscate any suspicious (or should I say delicious) items! Looks like you scored! Enjoy your Mum’s Mum’s visit Bailey…….I bet you get more treats before the visit concludes……….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. You need to teach Teddy some suitcase search tips. He sees nothing wrong with just plopping his large bottom on the top of any suitcase in sight. But doesn’t bother to search…not even for a treat! Lazy! You’re very cute as always, Bailey!


  4. Um, Bailey, you know some folks might mistakenly think you’re……snooping..???! I know you’ll enjoy your “grandma’s” visit AND tomorrow, your dad comes home! YAY!
    Love, Sundae


  5. Oh goodie, grand mom! And she looks just like mom. Smart lady, too: brings treats. Have fun!


  6. Hi Bailey.. I found you through Misaki’s facebook.. =^..^=


  7. That is soooo cool that I have my own shop!! My daddy’s nanny lives in Cannes – maybe she opened it for me??


  8. With so many comings and goings in your place, someone needs to take responsibility for security. What if they let in a mouse!


  9. I’m with you Bailey – if they have treats, they’re allowed in 🙂
    Love that last photo of you – looking adorable you are!


  10. My kitties LOVE those treats!


  11. Oh that looks like a job well done Bailey 🙂 . You are right … no treats, no go 🙂


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