Hanging out

As you know I LOVE being on the boat.

One of the best things about being out on anchor is that we get time to just hang out…


I take it a little more literally than the humans… I love climbing!


I love relaxing just as much as the next cat, but adventure is what I’m destined for!

Bisous Bailey


  1. longtooth77 says:

    mum needs to have a cats nest made for you in some lofty place on-board. Lofty yet safe. That way you can practice your climbing skills and keep watch.


  2. Look at your talons, Bailey! Perfect for hanging around a boat. I just gave a humiliated Ted a manicure last night, so now he has to let his claw grow out before he can hang from my curtains again. I will avoid showing him your post, to alleviate jealousy! 🙂


  3. Bailey, you continue to scare me!
    Purrs, Sundae


  4. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    My whole family is loving your blog…we even now have Bailey’s photo in the cute life jacket as our computer screen saver 🙂 We thought it was so gorgeous too how Bailey is following a fishtank blog!


    • Wow! That’s the best praise indeed! Thank you very much! I have two pet turtles that’s why I like to keep up to speed on all things tank. Hope you enjoy my future adventures! Bisous Bailey =^.^=


  5. You are a brave little soul! Be careful.


  6. Be careful up there Bailey!


  7. I get the feeling that you are working very hard, in your subtle cat way, to persuade your humans that it is time to sail. And you are showing a little claw to indicate that your opinion is not to be taken lightly.


  8. Yow you iz so ready to sail!!! Can you hoist da flag to?? Me finkz you can do anyfing!!!! ❤


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