Box Love

I have claimed a lovely little box as my own. I was exploring in the wardrobe that had been left open and I came across it. So I figured finders keepers…

Mum lifted my box out and put it on the bed, I think she thought I’d get out. She was wrong.


It’s soo comfy I got the best nights sleep.


I stayed in there all night, until I was rudely woken up this morning.


I think I’m going to take it down to Nocturne next time because when we’re out sailing I like to wedge myself in somewhere. My box is perfect!


Bisous Bailey


  1. longtooth77 says:

    hey bailey, you look great in all the pics as always, but pic 2 was best on this post 🙂 Yeah, having your own space (or box) does make a huge difference. Enjoy!


  2. Oh that is the purrfect place for you. You have great taste in beds.


  3. How wonderful, Bailey! It’s almost the same color as you! Happy napping!
    Purrs, Sundae


  4. Evidently this box was made for you!


  5. Looks like a good box to keep, Bailey!


  6. Bailey it looks like a purrrrfect fit! So now you have an official “boat box” to take to Nocturne for your next sailing adventure. How grand……it truly is a very nice box and I hope it lasts a long time – boxes tend to fall apart so you’d better see if you have a “back-up” available in the cupboard!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Yes Sammy! Boat box! Love it! Mum has 8 in total in the wardrobe… I’m claiming this one as mine… she’s not too happy about having an odd number now but it’s officially my boat box so she couldn’t possibly take it back now! Bisous Bailey


  7. Definitely “finders keepers”. It looks like a perfect box for you and all your bloggy friends will fight for your rights to keep it.


  8. Hi there name-pal, I love taking naps in boxes too. Actually on and in all places that my human friend tells me I mustn’t sleep in (such as the laundry basket filled with fresh washed laundry, especially when it’s still cozy warm from the tumble dryer…). I envy your cozy box, I might visit you and we can both have a nap in there!
    Have a pawesome Sunday, meow-meow, Bailey


  9. Looking good in there Bailey! Looks a bit like a rescue boat…


  10. Very nice cat hide away. You need a little blankie in the bottom yet, for warm and cozy. The box and you fit each other so well!


  11. Oh! Very stylish box indeed Bailey!


  12. You sure look cosy!


  13. It matches your color quite well. An excellent find in the wardrobe.


  14. Dear Bailey – I am seeing a trend. You seem to have a gift for finding great places to sleep. You must have good humans. Woof Woof. Farley.


  15. My furry buddies, Stewart and Frankie agree completely. In fact you inspired me to bring out some baskets for each of them today – They send a big thanks Bailey!


  16. You look fantastic in the box 🙂


  17. Lubly…just lubly Bailet…in yer little wicker box!!! You are so handsum!!!! me gotta get me Mum to bring me a fancy box like diz!!!! Nylablue.


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