Keys causing chaos!

So this morning I woke to chaos as my mum was charging around the flat in a panic!

She couldn’t find her keys. This caused many problems and dilemmas for obvious reasons including:

1. It was almost time for her to leave to get to work on time, but the keys were (and still are) definitely in the flat somewhere – hiding!

2. All the keys for the flat and her car are on the same key ring.

3. If she left she wouldn’t be able to get back in, but if she didn’t leave she’d be in trouble at work.

4. She had to call a taxi at 5.45 am.

5. She had no money on her and had to go to the cash machine.

6. She was unsure, in the time it took for the taxi to arrive, whether to continue searching for the keys or to pack important things to take with her… She did a comical version of both.

7. She filled up my food bowl (to the top!) and put down an extra water bowl. She gave me some treats too… Which made me quite like early morning panic!

8. In a theatrical exit she managed to grab all she could carry and whizz out of the flat in a whirlwind!

Usually my stupid human wouldn’t be in so much trouble, because our friend has the spare key to the flat for these type of emergencies. BUT in a nasty twist of fate, she and the important spare key are both in Paris until tomorrow!

Mum was whinging at work about how silly she is, and someone suggested that if she hadn’t actually locked the door (it just latches when you you close it) it may be possible to slide something in and push the latch back. So when she finished work, I heard her and a friend come and start messing around with the door. Of course it was a great idea in theory, but the laminated card they had to play with, was as useful as a sieve in a sinking dinghy! I couldn’t help but giggle when they decided to try and pick the lock… Guess how that turned out… Yep I’m sure you can imagine! After using a hairpin (like in all the good movies) unsuccessfully, they managed to break a plastic knife in the keyhole. While they were tweezing that out they decided that it was useless. So mum blew me some kisses through the keyhole and told me to be good. Errrrm it’s her that needs to work on being good

She’s lucky and had several friends offer her a bed for the night, but she politely declined and has gone to a hotel by the airport because she starts work at 6am tomorrow. So I’m home alone tonight feeling quite embarrassed at how stupid my mum is. Wish dad was here! When she gets back I’m going to have a big talking to her, and suggest a hook by the door where we put the keys without fail every time we come in. Then hopefully this won’t happen again.

At least I know I’m safe and secure inside! No one will be breaking in any time soon!

Bisous Bailey




  1. That lock may need to be drilled out to be replaced. I used to do locksmithing Bailey, losing keys always causes some stress!


  2. Poor Bailey, all alone. Hope your Mom manages to sort out the mess quickly although I agree, if you get treats for it, then chaos isn’t so bad.


  3. You need to teach her a lesson my dear Bailey… Take care!


  4. longtooth77 says:

    your poor mum 😦 well the friend with the spares will be there tomorrow so all’s good 🙂 right?


  5. Oh dear….it’s a good thing you’re so self-sufficient.


  6. Aw…your poor mommy. I know she’ll be missing you tonight. (You didn’t hide those keys, did you, Bailey??)


  7. Poor Bailey…..although if you have plenty of food, water and treats AND a nice place to snooze like inside the laundry basket, things aren’t all THAT bad right? By the way, we solved that “missing key” thing here with the hook inside the door trick. Haven’t had an issue since..I hope your Mom takes your suggestion!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  8. Ha ha ha ha ha – your Mum isn’t going to live this one down for a jolly long time 😀 We’re sure there’s an app for that lost keyring but hope you can laugh until the keys come back from Paris. Make her pay!


  9. Typical human! Ah! If she had given YOU the key you would not have lost them, right?


  10. The locksmith might have a tool to get that piece of stuff out of there. My older cat used to stay home alone occasionally; you just have to find things to entertain yourself. Bless mom’s heart for remembering to leave you lots of food and water in her panic. Mom will have lots of hugs for you when she gets back in!


  11. Ah Bailey, my friend, humans.. what else can I say? Thank ceiling cat they have us!


  12. We’ve all had those moments Bailey


  13. Bailey – maybe this will help you and your Mom feel better about the lock thing! I nominated you for the Reality Blog Award today – check out (my Sunday blog). I hope your Mom got back inside last night!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  14. Oh no, poor mom, bailey. 😦
    My friend had the same happening to her, sort of. Her door closed because of the wind, her keys still being inside. Her boyfriend didn’t came until the next day. So she stayed the night with us. She was very frustrated and sad tho. 😦


  15. What a giant “oops” moment.


  16. oh noes, your poor mummy. That is my mummy’s worst nightmare


  17. A key hook is a great solution if you remember to put your keys there. I love ours and it works wonders for us. But I often have to pick up Don’s keys and hang them up for him frequently or he’d be doing the same dance. Just last night he had to go back home to get his wallet after leaving without it. 🙂


  18. YIKEZ dat waz bad Bailey…yer Mum locked out n you locked in!!!! Fnak CATGOD she left you lotz of fuud n water n treatz!!!! Me betz she iz feelin bery silly about diz!!!!
    Nylablue xo



  1. […] her night in the hotel so we had a little snuggle too. I got some cat milk as an apology for the keys causing chaos and being left on my own and of course some […]


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