Reunited with my turtles!

I’m back in the flat in Nice! We had a fairly smooth journey back from Rome and made good time in the car. It took just over eight hours with two stops at service stations. Mum and I enjoyed listening to a whole audio book on the way back which was nice. I fell asleep for most of it, but I think that’s because I’ve been sooo busy down on the boat and the man’s voice was nice and soothing. Before we left I had fun running around on deck and mum took some (even if I do say so myself) pawesome photos of me with the big camera! I’m pestering her to put them on the compawter so hopefully tomorrow I can share them with you.

Here’s the beautiful sunset that we snapped with the iPad on the journey back.


Mum went back to work today but she wasn’t too upset as she only has to work for a couple of days before another three days off! She got up really early and made a big noise as she was leaving, but I rested for a few more hours before I inspected the flat and made sure it smelt like me everywhere again.

I’m very happy to have my little turtles back and they have been treated to a nice new rock for their tank! Eventually I want to get them a much bigger tank, but in the meantime the rock is a a good solution. They seem to love the rock because it’s a lot taller and so they can have more depth to their water. There’s also quite a big cave inside where they can hide. I’m not to keen on this idea because it means sometimes I can’t see them, but it sure is fun waiting for them to peek out again!




Well it’s dinner time now so I’m off to beg for some chicken that I can smell the human preparing! Hoping to catch up with you all properly in the next couple of days as for some reason the reader hasn’t been working on my ipad app but now that I have the compawter back, I can see you all again! =^.^=

Bisous Bailey



  1. Beautiful pictures of you, Bailey! Glad you had a safe trip back home.
    Love, Sundae


  2. Bailey, you are one beautiful cat!


  3. Sometimes the Reader just hasn’t been loading, so it might not be your iPad at all. Hopefully you can go sailing again soon!


  4. Bailey – TURTLE SOUP! Just kidding.


  5. Glad that you had a safe journey. Have a good week ahead.


  6. That’s a beautiful sky!!


  7. No fishing Bailey…


  8. Those turtles are very cute!


  9. Oh you have pet turtles? How cool. Ryan had one when he was a kid. What are their names??


  10. Great pix of you Bailey! That rock for your turtles is way way cool – gives them some fun spots to explore and adds a little “fun” for them in the tank. I’m so glad you and your Mom had a good trip home…..I’m sure Nocturne will be waiting for your next visit!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  11. Turtlez?? Oh Bailey me iz gonna ask Mum if we can hab sum too!!!! Mum lubz turtlez alot n me finkz dey wuud be fun to watch…
    yer Hu’manz take bery guud pix!!!! Dose trutels are so colorfull!!
    Lub Nylablue (me recovered frum my swoonin long enuff to type diz to you..)


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