The Boat Galley Cookbook photo-shoot!

We’ve had a fairly lazy day today aboard Nocturne, everyone was tired after a busy week. I had a small photo-shoot outside to show how much I love our new Boat Galley Cookbook because the lovely ladies that wrote it, from The Boat Galley and Commuter Cruiser, were happy with the first photo and we thought we could do better!

I wasn’t very cooperative to begin with, because there’s so much to sniff at and look at outside….



But once I realised I’d nearly lost the opportunity of a free range exploring outside, and my treats became a factor I played along with the game…..





Our oven is broken and I’m hoping that now we have this great cookbook as inspiration, the humans will get a wriggle on and fix it. But in the meantime, (I’ve been browsing today) there’s lots of great ideas for things like sauces, salads, and even energy bars that we don’t need the oven for. You may be wondering why I’m so keen on the humans making yummy human meals… Well it’s quite simple. When they’re enjoying delicious food, it’s a lot easier to give them a ‘puppy eyes’ longing look and manipulate convince them to give me extra treats! Plus, I’ve spied some feline friendly recipes too!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Sean Breslin says:

    We had a cat just like yours! Good to see your kitty lives the good life.


    • Aww cool! I sure am a lucky cat I know! Will really be living the high life when we finally cast off and go cruising full time… But in the mean time I’m still having lots of fun! =^.^=


  2. Bailey you’re so smart to figure out how to use “puppy eyes” for more treats! It works every time……looks like you had a wonderful photo shoot – bravo – well done………

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. Great shootin’ !


  4. You’re so photogenic Bailey!


  5. Perfect (purr-fect) last photo.


  6. Great shots guys – especially getting Bailey to lick his lips for the camera


  7. Having done many still shoots with animals I must say that last picture is a magazine shot for sure. It’s perfect


  8. I know my human will definitely check this book 😉
    Passe un bon réveillon, Bailey !


  9. ~~head rubz~~~ on Bailey….if me waz a younger kitteh m wuud sail to where you are n take you out fer dinner… iz so handsome n alwayz pose so nice fer da camera!!!
    You really like to VOGUE don’t you?? Me doez too when Mum haz a camera….
    Me hopez yer Hu’manz make you some speshell treatz ’cause you shure earned dem!!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo


  10. Bailey — It just turned 2013 here – HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I have to tell you that as one of the co-authors of The Boat Galley Cookbook (and a kitty lover), you made my YEAR! 🙂 You obviously deserve all the feline treats (and more) you can finagle out of your humans! Cheers! Jan


  11. Carolyn Shearlock - The Boat Galley says:

    Dear Bailey – you’re a great spokeskitty and very photogenic! Thanks so much for the endorsement. And boat-dog Paz says that she has personally tried the fishy bits and loves them all. She says the eyes are a good trick, along with just staring and looking cute as the humans are eating . . . and be sure to volunteer for the job of chief galley floor-cleaner! 🙂


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