I’m making the most of guy time and eating as many treats as I can before mum comes back from Nice. She only ever lets me have a couple but dad’s much more relaxed because he’s eating treats too! Mum’s due here in about two hours….. I wonder how many I can eat before then?!


Hope you’re all having a fab weekend!

Bisous Bailey


  1. She might check the bag to see how many are missing…’re in trouble then, or dad is.


  2. what’s that saying…’when the cats away the mice will play’… Bailey, bet you never thought yourself as a rat… right! Now, step away from the sweets and fess up to MAMA for all your naughtiness…. and in your next life you might be saved from actually coming back as a rogue…. class dismissed, lesson over! Phew!


    • Hahaha! I don’t want to be a rouge rodent… I’d like to come back as a tiger… Watched life of Pi last night and I think I’d be a great sailing tiger…. If not maybe a huge bird…. Like a Golden eagle or something so I could fly around the world. =^.^=


  3. I’ve discovered ‘the skin of the turkey treat’. Yum. I’ll do anything for that. learnt to ‘roll over’ today’. Elsie xx


  4. Maybe you can hide some for when your human is back?


  5. Don’t make yourself sick Bailey. Otherwise she will know!


  6. Go easy on the treats – you might need to get a bigger life jacket…


  7. …. now I’ve had some seven hours since I left my comment. While I was tucked up at the cinemas bundled up between popcorn and children enthralled by the animation ‘rise of the guardians’ you came to mind. I had a stabbing realisation that instead of writing ‘rodent’ I wrote ‘rogue’…. All I can say is; Hi, I’m a Libran… sorry! and sometimes the balance between the speed of my typing fingers is out of sync with my brain.


  8. I think your Mom will understand…….when she left her boys alone together on the boat she knew the two of you would get up to something! If having too many treats is the WORST thing you guys have done – trust me – she’ll be happy!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


    • You are spot on Sammy! She was just happy that we hadn’t ruined all the nice piles of washing that she’d been doing before she left. So we’re still in the good books! Hooray! Bisous Bailey


  9. Try to get as much as you can before Mom gets back! 😉


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