Flying the flag

Mum’s back and she’s in a great mood after spending time with my dad. I’m still a little miffed I didn’t get to go but it was a flying visit and I had fun here in Nice with the turtles and Elizabeth.

Mum has got the boat nice and clean ready for Christmas me! There was lots of sorting out to do because living in such a small space means things have to be kept organised and clean.

Apparently it was a beautiful day today in the marina and she took some photos to show me…



My friend Captain Tony changed the flags on his boat today. All boats have to fly an ensign flag which shows the boats nationality. Most ensign flags are flown from the stern, which provides the best visibility, but they may also be displayed from the leech of the most aftersail. Boats should also fly a courtesy flag when they enter foreign waters. The courtesy flag is usually flown at the boat’s starboard spreader. Captain Tony has the British ensign and an Italian courtesy flag

As you can see they’ve got a little weathered over time!


Here’s a photo of my beautiful Nocturne. Can you see her Irish ensign and the Italian courtesy flag?



  1. Those flags take a beating – how often do you have to change yours, Bailey?


  2. Mum took some nice photos for you. When do you move onto the boat?


  3. Oh, Bailey, what beautiful photos!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. It’s easy to see why you love Nocturne so much!
    Purrs, Sundae


  4. Make sure your humans take some Christmas pictures to show to all your fans! And have a wonderful time.


  5. Bailey what great photos….no wonder you can’t wait to spend Christmas on Nocturne – what a great spot to be for the holiday. Please make sure your Mom and Dad take lots of photos of your Christmas celebration on board to share with those of us who are “land-bound” !! Nocturne is absolutely gorgeous……

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy


  6. Looking forward to seeing some pics of you enjoying Christmas at sea:-)


  7. Pretty pictures of the marina and your boat.


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