Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you have a fantastic time. I’m lucky to be out in Nocturne on anchor this evening with the humans. We’re going to watch all the fireworks from out here. We had a great time getting here from the marina watching the […]

The Boat Galley Cookbook photo-shoot!

We’ve had a fairly lazy day today aboard Nocturne, everyone was tired after a busy week. I had a small photo-shoot outside to show how much I love our new Boat Galley Cookbook because the lovely ladies that wrote it, from The Boat Galley and Commuter Cruiser, were happy with the first photo and we […]


I’m making the most of guy time and eating as many treats as I can before mum comes back from Nice. She only ever lets me have a couple but dad’s much more relaxed because he’s eating treats too! Mum’s due here in about two hours….. I wonder how many I can eat before then?! […]

Boys on the boat!

Mum has had to fly back to Nice this afternoon because she has to work tomorrow, but I’m still here in Rome on the boat with dad! Hooorah! Guy time! Let me tell you it’s long overdue too. We love her (when she’s good) but she really can be a pain in the scratchy bit […]

Vatican visit

So yesterday my mum and Captain Tony went to visit Vatican City. They went to see the outdoor Nativity scene, which is placed in front of the Vatican for all to see and visit. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen! My mum had never been to the Vatican before so they decided to go […]

Happy Boxing Day!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely relaxing boxing day! I’m so lucky we’ve been having lots of fun! Hope you’re all having a lovely time! Bisous Bailey

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from me, Bailey Boat Cat And my little fa-mi-ly! We hope you wake To see snowflakes, Dancing as they fall So you can make a big snowball. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from me, Bailey Boat Cat And my little fa-mi-ly! I hope that Santa Paws has been, Even though […]

We love the postman!

We were starting to get worried that we wouldn’t receive the parcel from my mum’s mum for Christmas. So last night we popped a little note on our letter box with our number asking the postman to call us if he had our parcel, otherwise he would take it to the post office and we […]

The Eve of Christmas Eve!

Mum saw these two little guys on the streets today and couldn’t resist giving them a Christmas treat. I think they liked it…. It makes me realise just how lucky I am, with just a small turn of events anyone of us could find ourselves in that situation. Nice is very festive today but I […]

Last minute preparations and thank you!

Hello furriends! How are you all doing? Here, I’ve been very busy with the final preparations before Christmas. With both the humans still hard at work it’s fallen to me to hold it all together. Wrapping the last of the presents, making a list of yummy treats for the big day, shopping (mum helped me […]