Cat camp.

My humans are going on holiday and they’re not taking me! My mum and dad are leaving for the U S of A tomorrow and they said it’s too far for me to go just for two weeks… So I’m going to cat camp! Apparently it’s kinda like a hotel with lots of fun obstacle […]

Happy Guy Fawkes night everyone!

It’s bonfire night!!! It’s really interesting because it means lots and lots of twigs and sticks have been placed all together in one giant heap. How much fun does that sound? I love playing with twigs! Unfortunately I’ve been told that the humans will burn all of these with some kind of ‘guy’ in the […]

My pet ninja turtles!

This summer we did a trip in Nocturne to Ponza and Palmorola.  On the way there we saw a sea turtle!!! It was the first time that I’d seen a turtle and it was love at first sight! It was huge and graceful. We did three loops around it to get a better look at it, […]

What’s in a name?

Your name is a very important part of your identity. It’s part of who you are. Most people get given their name by their parents and most pets get given their names by their human parents. I’ve heard of lots of different reasons and lots of funny stories on how names are chosen. My humans each have […]

The journey continues…

I’m back in my flat, yesterday my mum drove the long way back to Nice from Rome. We stopped lots because I love to get out of my travel box and leap around the car. I don’t know why but this seems to cause quite a stir with the truckers that have pulled over! I […]

I’m waiting!

  Don’t worry in this photo I’m about to pounce on a moth ….not a mouse! I take my mouse hunting duties VERY seriously! Mice on boats are disastrous! But with me on board they wouldn’t even dare to sniff our bowlines!   =^.^=