Windy in Roma!

Furriends I’m so happy! I’m on my boat in Roma! It’s very windy but I’m nice and cosy relaxing inside. My humans went out for a walk today but I was sensible and stayed at home.

Nice and cosy.

Look at what they saw along the beach! The Italian version of Sandy is currently passing through here. Lets call it Sofia….

Uh Oh!

Sofia has torn the steps down to the beach away.
So now the bulldozer is preparing and moving sand up to protect the edge of the wall by the beach.

Bulldozer preparation.

Mum laughed at this sign because usually we snigger at the no dog signs and think we are clever when I go past because even though I’m a puppy I’m a feline puppy!

Hehe! No sniggering here!

I’m also happy because my marina have put up the Christmas decorations. Aren’t they pretty?!

Marina Christmas tree!




  1. Oh My Cat! that is some Sofia storm Bailey! Glad you stayed inside, good place to be for a my humble opinion anyways…luvluvluv your dock decorations, very festive! Paw pats, Savannah


  2. Stay safe, Bailey! But when Sofia’s gone, you’re gonna have a very nice Christmas tree to visit =^.^=


  3. Good place to be when the weather is not kind.


  4. Wow, so odd to think of Sandy reaching you now – we were done with her a long time ago!!! Stay safe inside there, Bailey!
    Purrs, Sundae


  5. Bailey notices everything, even a sign that’s strange.


  6. Love that sign – hehehe!


  7. I’d stay on the boat too, Bailey. Your fur looks great today!


  8. Yikes Bailey……I do believe you were the sensible one in the family staying out of the wind from Sofia! You look quite cozy on the rug all stretched out relaxing…..The Marina Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure it’s getting you in the holiday spirit – ready for Santa Paws to visit!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  9. When the weather is like that, you’re better off indoors. That Christmas tree is impressive!


  10. jessmittens says:

    You have the most lovely feline eyes Bailey Boat Cat!
    I hope the storm didn’t hurt any people.


  11. Stay safe Bailey, looks like you’d get blown away out there!


  12. Becareful with the storm! 😦


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