Since I came home from cat camp my humans have been giving me extra attention.  I love playing and every single time I ask to play recently… I’ve been indulged!  I’m lucky that they love to play too but usually they get tired before me.  I think they’ve had some kind of play vitamin though because their endurance is better than ever.

Play time?

Where did it go?

To show my appreciation for all the extra games I have been a little cuddlebug! I’m usually too busy doing what boat cats do for cuddles, but after lots of play it’s nice to snuggle up and share the love.


Even piglet has been getting extra cuddles!


All these games and cuddles sure are tiring!


What convinces you to give extra cuddles?



  1. Guilt can often spur us on 😉 Best time is when there’s peace and quiet and you get to spend time with one animal at a time – doesn’t happen often as we have rather a lot in the house! You and Piglet do look wonderful together.


  2. Gee Bailey – I don’t have to be convinced to give cuddles because I’ve been practicing “Cuddle Craft” for almost 13 years and it’s my FAVORITE activity! I’m glad your parents are being extra attentive though since they returned from vacation – you SOOOOOOO deserve it! 😉 You and piglet make a nice cuddle couple!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. I have to say that I like it when my human is happy to hear me purr so I’m not that much of the cuddle kind but when I’m napping and she puts her head softly on me to hear me purr, it makes me purr even more and we are both happy!
    Those pics of you are lovely and got the human to “awwww”


  4. Such a beautiful kitty!! Great posing.


  5. Sounds typical human’ish! haha.


  6. Aw, snuggling with piglet – too cute. You are one gorgeous cat!


  7. I like cuddles too. You look super cute curled up with piglet:-)


  8. You need to tell our person about the “play vitamin” so he may extend his endurance.


  9. Cute pictures, Bailey! I’m cuddly when my pawrents first come home, but after a few minutes, I’m all done…! I’m not as much of a cuddlebug as my mom would like.
    Purrs, Sundae


    • Me too usually, mum always wants more cuddles, she wants me to sit on her lap sometimes, but I’m far to busy. Since I came home though I realised snuggling up at bedtime isn’t so bad after all! Bisous Bailey


  10. Me cuddlez just ’cause diz Hu’Mum iz so bunderfull!!! me also cuddlez fer da catnip n fer extra tuna 😉
    Me waz neber cuddled or lubbed b4 me came to diz Mum… took sometime az you know fer me to learn all about diz n now me iz a cuddlebug too!!!
    Me LUBZ da Piglet, den agin me lubz anyfing PINK!!! Me haz a Ladybug me cuddlez alot, but me lubz cuddlin wif Mum da best!!! ~Nylablue.


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