Wishing for West Marine

This is west marine. My humans went to visit the biggest one in THE WORLD in Fort Lauderdale.

My dad excited outside of West Marine!


My dad was like a kitten in a mouse house! Mum was worried that she had lost him forever to the pumps and little electrical gadgets that only males can get excited about. She said they were there for three and a half hours and bought half the shop. She got excited to begin with because there are lots of cool things that any yachty would love to see. They have some displays which show how things work which she thought were pretty neat. They have clothes and shoes so that kept her happy to begin with. She also liked all of the cool things to keep the boat clean and tidy inside and of course the kitchen range. But when dad was going on and on and ON (her words) about tiny little bits of metal that can miraculously make the boat better she got a bit bored.

BORED!!! I’m ashamed to call her my mum…. She just doesn’t get it! Even more annoying is the fact that I would’ve loved it there. Instead of trying to get my dad out of the shop I would’ve encouraged him to stay so we could have got even more little bolts and screws and exciting new fuel filters.


Some the goodies that mum and dad got from West Marine!

New and exciting toys for Nocturne!


Mum got most excited about the new glasses and the thingy-ma-jig for the wardrobe. It hangs up and collects all the moisture (apparently). Dad got most excited about… well all of it really! Especially the new winch handle, the liquid electrical tape, the epoxy resin, and the new super sharp knives.

There seems to be a PFD (pet flotation device) in the picture too. I’ve not seen it yet though, I’m hoping that is what mum meant when she said they got me a Christmas present. My very own West Marine jacket, how cool would that be! I’ve been trawling through West Marine’s catalog and it seems they only have dogs modeling their pet range. I REALLY want to be the first West Marine feline model!


Me chilling out under the sail cover!


Unfortunately we don’t have any West Marine stores near us. I’m going to make a wish and try to be a good sailor cat and hopefully one day my dream to be a model representative for West Marine will come true! Do you think I could make it as a feline model?


  1. Looks like Christmas came early!


  2. Oh, Bailey, I love that picture of you! You’d be an excellent West Marine Feline Model. I think it’s so cool that you’re a boating kitty; I just look at the boats out at the marina from my window seat. Have a good weekend!
    Purrs, Sundae


  3. Bailey I hope your parents send some photos of you in your jacket to West Marine because there’s no doubt in my mind they’d LOVE to have you as the cat model/spokesperson for their stores! Looks like your parents got lots of “stuff” for the boat. That last photo of you is SOOOOOOOOOOO way cool!! 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • I hope they do because I REALLY REALLY want to be a West Marine kitty! My dad would be sooooo proud of me if I was in his favourite catalog! But Mum says I have to wait for Christmas to have it! hmmmppphhh! We will have to go out on Christmas day if the weather is good enough so I can try it out! =^.^= Bisous Bailey


  4. Bailey, I think you are already a model and don’t know it. You are very photogenic and look natural in the blog photos. And let’s face it, you have the beauty too.


  5. What a great website and a beautiful cat! Bailey is gorgeous. I subscribed to follow your travels. Be well!!


  6. Oh gosh, look at that face of yours!


  7. mercedeslove88 says:

    Hi Bailey – Mik


  8. Love your blog and will come back often to visit. Thanks for visiting mine!


  9. Wow! Thank you very much! I’m honoured to be mentioned! We looove West System…it’s PAWESOME!



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