Turtles and toys!

Today has been a great day! My pet turtles came home. While the humans were in Florida and I was at cat camp Aunty Elizabeth and Uncle Juan looked after them for me. I missed them lots and was soo happy to see them. I helped mum clean the tank and arrange their rocks. I got in a bit of trouble as I got a little over excited and tried to get in the tank with them. They didn’t mind though because they were happy to see me too. =^.^=




Mum finally unpacked the suitcase and I got my present…. A weazel ball! It’s amazing. I wasn’t sure about it at first as it makes a whizzing noise but I got braver and tried to catch it. It’s super clever though as I couldn’t get it to stop! I love it!




Apparently there’s another present for me that came home from America but I have to wait until Christmas… I wonder what it is…


  1. Aww the pictures of you with the turtles are very cute, what a lovely reunion. Your present looks like a lot of fun! 😀 Sometimes I wish I was a cat.. then I could play more and work much less!


    • My turtles are great little ninjas! My present’s great isn’t it! You should be a cat in the next life! It’s the best! I wouldn’t want to be anything else…well except maybe a bird, it would be pretty amazing to be able to fly! =^.^=


  2. Oh oh, Bailey – I don’t think you should get in the tank with the turtles. I can see why your humans don’t like that. You new toy looks like fun. Perhaps enjoy that instead 🙂


  3. Viva Violet says:

    Too cute for words even! I had a weasel ball as a kid, chased it around like Bailey’s doing now. Memories 😛


  4. Oh Bailey my Mom saw your new weasel ball and said she’s seen those before and wondered if I’d like one….she thought because I’m quite a “scaredy-cat” that the noise would scare me….well……maybe she’s right and maybe it would but it SURE LOOKS LIKE FUN! Is it the one that kind of rolls and flops along all over the place? Yep – I think it is. Enjoy it and stay out of the turtle tank!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy


    • Yes it rolls and flops all over the place, it can even get itself out of corners! How does it do that?! I’m a fearless feline but even I was a bit confused by it to begin with. I realised it was for fun though and then it was game on! It’s great because mum doesn’t have to get a sore arm waving my fluff around, the weazel moves all by itself! I’m trying to e good with the turtles because I love them ut sometimes it just gets a bit too much and I want to pat them!

      Bisous Bailey


  5. Hey you have a tunnel! They are fun. MaChatte has 4 nylon ones that I stitched together and she loves to go in there. Sometimes she hides inside in thunder storms. She said your toy looks like a good present!


    • How cool is that! I love my tunnel, sometimes I just hang out in there for fun. The humans can’t see me in there you see, it’s magic! I don’t like thunder storms either. Bisous to MaChatte


  6. I think it’s so cool that you have your own pet turtles. And that looks like a cool toy, but I think I would be very afraid of it. (I’m a scaredy cat, but don’t tell anybody!)
    Love, Sundae


  7. The turtles ❤


  8. It looks like you had a great day!

    My name is Oskar & I’d like to invite you to be featured on my blog at http://www.PetBlogsUnited.com. It’s a great way to meet new blogging friends. If you’re interested you can drop me a line at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,


  9. Curious about the christmas present! Good to see the turtles back in their tank! 😀


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