Thankful for furriends!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m thankful for amazing furriends and family, my privileged traveling lifestyle, smooth sailing with following winds, protected anchorages and of course my cat treats!


Thankful for great days out sailing!


Speaking of furriends, one of the highlights of my human’s holiday was meeting up with mine over at s/v Buckeye. Mum and dad were arranging to meet them and got really freaked out when they read an email while they were sat having a drink at The Old Key Lime House. It turned out that Buckeye was anchored right there! It was quite dark but they could see their beautiful catamaran from the bar. It really is such a small world.


The humans from s/v Nocturne meet the humans from s/v Buckeye!


They had a couple of drinks in the bar and then Katie and Ben kindly invited mum and dad aboard to see my furriends Sammie and Brutus and the boat of course. They used to live in a house but they love their boat and their new lifestyle. Brutus is a really cool dude. Sammy is beautiful and has pretty little white socks. I won’t tell you her age because she’s a lady, but meow does she look youthful. I’m hoping when we meet she’ll be open to the idea of a toy boy kitty!


Sammie and Brutus snuggled up.


Pretty Sammie with her humans Katie and Ben.

Buckeye have been preparing and provisioning to leave for the Bahamas. They are planning to sail around there for four months. I’m sooo jealous. I really need to work harder on my mission to convince my humans that we need to go cruising ASAP!


I’m still impatiently waiting for my mum to unpack the green bean thingy to see my presents! Think I’ll go and hint a bit more now!


Happy thanksgiving to you all!




  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  2. What a lovely coincidence! Gorgeous new friends too 😉


  3. Hi, Bailey, thanks for sharing pics of your pawrents trip and their visit with your furriends! I know you wish you could have been there for the fun!
    Love, Sundae


  4. And I am also thankful to have found your bloggie, Bailey!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Sounds like you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Your furriends look beautiful and a toy boy should be a great option for you – I’m sure she’ll fall for you hook and sinker!


  6. Bailey these are great photos…..isn’t that grand that your Mom and Dad got to meet friends of the human AND cat variety on their trip!! I hope by now you’ve managed to get your parents to unpack your presents….after all….I just bet you’ve been VERY patient – right?! As for Thanksgiving – it’s an awesome day to celebrate friends – and I’m so glad that you are one of mine! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  7. I’m glad that you are my furriend Sammy! I LOVE my present! It’s a weazel ball! Bisous Bailey


  8. Awesome photo’s and looks like a great holiday! 😀 Sammy and Brutus look adorable!


  9. Teddy is green with envy! And how nice to meet fellow blogosphere friends!



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