What’s in a name?

Your name is a very important part of your identity. It’s part of who you are. Most people get given their name by their parents and most pets get given their names by their human parents. I’ve heard of lots of different reasons and lots of funny stories on how names are chosen.

My humans each have little quirks to their names. My mum has a lovely name ‘Louise’ but she knows lots of nasty people with the same name so she doesn’t like it. She asks everyone to call her ‘Lou’ instead, or some kind of nickname.  My dad was named after his dad ‘James’. But all of his family call him his middle name ‘Charles’.  I find this very confusing.

I was nearly called Kermit because my humans love the Muppets and they have muppet nicknames for each other and wanted me to fit in. Thankfully they thought long and hard about it and decided I was far too handsome to be called Kermit.

My dad always used to joke that Nocturne was sponsored by Baileys because my humans love Baileys Irish Cream. So when I came into their lives with a nice creamy coloured coat apparently it seemed just perfect to name me Bailey. It was an added bonus that my eyes are big and blue and I could have a nice posh double name Bailey Blue if I wanted. Oh, and not forgetting the rather catchy Bailey boat cat phrase!

Cat that got the cream!

My humans seem to love nicknames and I have quite a few. When I first arrived my dad who hates cats (yeah I know!!!) called me ‘Pesky’ a lot.  I know this was a sign of affection in a daft attempt to stay unattached to me.  I also get called ‘Boo’, just ‘Blue’ and ‘BB’.  My humans called me ‘BBC’ for a while (short for Bailey boat cat) until they realised it really wasn’t a good idea, because the British Broadcasting Corporation is what people immediately think of when they hear BBC.

Nowadays if they don’t use my name I’m most often called ‘Puppy’. My dad started it because he thinks I’m more like a puppy than a cat. He maintains that he hates cats, but assures me that he loves me because I’m a puppy. (I still take offence on behalf of my feline brothers but what can I do?) I quite like the name ‘Puppy’ because I think it suits me very well. I’m the size of a small puppy, (I wear  a small dog harness) and I have lots of similar traits to a puppy. I like to follow my humans, and be included in all the important decisions and tasks of the day. I’m always on guard, I greet new people who come and make sure they really leave when they go. More than anything, I’m just as clever I’m much cleverer than a puppy!

So that’s what’s in my name!  What’s the story behind your name and nicknames?

Love and bisous

Bailey boat puppy!

All mine!


  1. I loooove baileys! We had almost named Suki Bailey. There’s not much behind my cats names. We wanted cute and short names, so we named them Suki & Hiro. 🙂


  2. Hi Bailey! How interesting to hear how cats, dogs and even PEOPLE “found” their names. My Mom knew that my Dad had never been around cats before even though she’d always had cats…..so when the day came that she finally talked my Dad into getting a cat from the shelter (where I was patiently waiting), she told him HE could name the new cat in their life. He said he liked the name “Sam” and when they adopted me that day at the ripe old age of about 6 weeks old, I was and remain 13 years later, Sam or Sammy! I’ve got a million nicknames too…..Samster the Hamster, Pookie, and too many others to list. Puppy is a WAY cool moniker for you I think although as a beautiful blue-eyed Siamese dude, ever so much more handsome than any puppy I’ve seen! As for Bailey, that’s what my Mom named the main character in the mystery novel she wrote some years ago….yep – and it’s a GIRL not a BOY in her book! Interesting huh? What’s in a name? A whole lot I’d say!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Wow! How cool is that?! I didn’t know it could be used for a female too… But now you mention it I guess it’s quite possible for males and females. I love the name Sammy, its really cute. You look much younger than 13 years old… What’s your secret to such a youthful face? I hope I can stay young like you in years to come!

      Bisous Bailey


  3. I love this! Zoey was first called Violet (my co-worker called her that) then Lola then, when I decided that she would be mine forever (just a day or two after meeting her), I did some research because I felt she needed a better, stronger, more meaningful name. So, I found Zoey which means “life” in Greek. I looked down into her eyes and said “what do you think of Zoey?” The look on her face was pleasant, albeit curious, and I knew that, together, we had found the perfect name for her. Because, despite her permanent paralysis, she was so full of life and determined to live a great one! 🙂


    • I didn’t realise Zoey meant life in Greek! It’s a really strong name for such a brave little sweetie. It really suits her. She obviously agrees which is nice. My mum had a cat called Lola before me too. Quite a popular cat name I think. Zoey is a much better choice.

      Bisous Bailey


  4. Bowie was named after Lester Bowie. He was an American jazz trumpet player and composer (October 11, 1941–November 8, 1999). Bowie’s nickname is ‘Mr. Bowie’! 😉


  5. I think Bailey suites you beautifully. How cute that you behave like a puppy. My Dad also maintains that he hates cats but he’s the only person, other than hubby and myself, that my previously abused cat will go to. He also goes looking for her – hmmm, how much do you really think he dislikes cats 😀


    • Thank you! Maybe it’s just a thing that dads have to say to be manly. My dad is more soppy with me than my mum he loves playing with me. I’m naughty and like to play fight and my naughty dad encourages me!


  6. We hope Bailey’s Irish Cream is paying you an endorsement fee for using your name. 🙂

    We knew cats, especially Siamese cats, rule the world. We didn’t know they also ruled the seas!

    P.S. Thank you for stopping and visiting with us.


  7. Dear Bailey, I believe that cats and dogs come to us already named so we as their people have the job of discovering their true names! If you look deep into their eyes and tell them how much you love them, the name will emerge! Best wishes my delightful friend.


  8. Bailey, I love your name. And the drink! My feline friend is called Tiger. Not very inventive I know. When we got her, or rather she got us, we didn’t know if she was male or female and I have always loved Tigers. It’s kind of ironic as she isn’t the bravest of cats, but we love her no matter what. I think you are adorable and have subscribed so I can follow your adventures 🙂


  9. Love it! And what a handsome cat you are!


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