Happy Halloween!!!

The photo above shows me in my spooky accessories! I popped them on for a quick photo opportunity while I was checking what was going on outside…. It’s a pretty dreary day with lots of wind and rain.

Bad weather!

I was wondering what I could dress up as today, as I love being seasonal…. But when I really thought about it…. I realised I’ve kind of got the best costume already!

Loads of humans seem to love dressing up as a black cat for the night! I guess it must be the association with witches.  Some black cats are assumed to be familiars that help witches brew up evil things. Some people even believe that cats are witches in disguise! Scary thought! (I’m not by the way!)

Watching out for broomsticks!

So I’m happy that even though I’m not black, my ‘cat costume’ is pretty damn good. (Not all of the cats associated with witches were black anyway.)

Plus the fact, as most of you will have noticed, cats eyes reflect light because our retina acts like a mirror.  This is basically our version of cool night time goggles!  Most cats eyes shine green or yellowy green. But I’m Siamese and we are part albino so my eyes shine red!

So tonight I’ll be a demonic little pussy cat! Mwhahaha!!!!

Evil eyes!

Or maybe I’ll just snuggle up with my little pumpkin…..

Mini pumpkin!

Any treats behind the camera?


  1. Happy Halloween Bailey……………watch out for low flying broomsticks and make sure there’s nothing lurking in the deep!!! Loving your little pumpkin and the spooky red eyes – nobody’s gonna mess with you.


  2. I hope the cat got lots of treats!


  3. Bailey, you are a striking cat! Beautiful, handsome, and mysterious in your Halloween garb!


  4. journeyman1977 says:

    love this blog….Bailey you make me smile. Thank you


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