Better to jump before you’re pushed?

So I’ve got a confession for you all.  I went for a swim yesterday!  I was a little naughty and pulled off the mozzie net to the porthole in the bedroom and I stealthily crept out for an evening adventure.

I’d really rather not discuss how I ended up hanging off the transom on our neighbour’s boat.  That will remain my secret.

My dad has been threatening to throw me in ‘for experience’ for quite a while now, so my excuse is:  I decided to jump before I was pushed!

After about 10 minutes of me being absent, my mum realised I was being unusually quiet.  (I’m usually in the mist of all the action.)  She came outside rattling my treats and calling my name, because I ALWAYS come back for those.  But unfortunately, all I could do was cry.  I was clinging onto the boat and unable to climb up.

She took a minute to realise where my cries were coming from.  (She wasn’t sure it was me, she said, because I sounded like a human baby.) She called my dad’s sister to come and help and climbed down and lifted me out.  I was so happy to get out.

I don’t think the wet look suits me!

My mum gave me a little rinse under the shower as she said I would be sick if I cleaned off all the salty water myself.  The marina water isn’t the cleanest anyway.  Under any other circumstance I wouldn’t have let her come near me with the shower head. However, I was a little shocked and she seemed to know what she was doing, so I let her.

I scuttled off to my favourite spot on top of the wardrobe to try to dry off.  I wasn’t a fan of the towel drying that she was doing.  My method didn’t seem to be working either though…

Maybe swimming wasn’t such a good idea.

So when my mum picked me up, put me in her lap and started using the noisy monster that she calls a hair dryer, I decided to sit still and see if it helped.  She reassured me it was on the lowest setting and that it wouldn’t hurt.

So now I’m nice and dry again, with extra fluffy fur and rather than being embarrassed, I’m proud.  I took the leap and had a swim.   I don’t intend on repeating it anytime soon, but I gave it a go.  I’m truly a boat cat now!

Love Bailey xx

I’m extra fluffy since my blow-dry!


  1. Well congratulations Bailey on becoming a “true boat cat”. Btw you look real cute 🙂


  2. Oh boy… what a story… Glad that you’re okay!


  3. Cripes Bailey – that was a bit of an adventure! A swim, a rescue, a shower and a blow dry – all in one day 😉 the life of a true boat cat is never dull 😀 We do look forward very much to hearing more.


  4. Wow, Bailey! That’s scary – I’m terrified of that noisy hair dryer. You look so handsome all cleaned and dried!
    Purrs, Sundae


  5. WOWSERS Bailey you are one adventurous cat!! I am releived all worked out well & that your Mum helped you with the rinsing & blow dry!!! You DO look extra fluffy!!! MOL!!
    Nylablue was so shcoked when I read her your story here; she is up on TOP of the kitchen cupboard now…I think she is traumatized!!!! 😉
    We admire you so much!! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too!!!


  6. LOL!


  7. Lorna mitchell says:

    Wow Bailey you like to live dangerously !!! Glad you are ok x


  8. Great job keeping you head above water Bailey.



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