Dinghy devil countdown.

I’ve spent most of today chattering with dinghy devils…


The only problem has been that I’ve been trying to do it from behind glass and they’re definitely much less responsive than when I’m outside on the boat!


I can’t wait to get back and protect my Nocturne from the dinghy devils. I’m counting down the days now! Less than one week to go!

What’ve you been up to today?

Bisous Bailey


  1. Bailey you’re such a cool lil cat. Always goin on adventures and livin on a boat. How awesome! I’m jealous! <3

  2. Ah dear Bailey, I was so busy because of my new job, I tried to protect the Robins from the cats in my garden :) I think you are a good cat and not doing something like that! I love your photographs, your parents are so good in photography. Thank you, Have a nice Christmas, love, nia

  3. Bailey, you been much more active than Teddy. He’s been laying under the tree on his back, gazing up at the pink twinkling lights above him. Lazy Christmas kitty!

  4. You are of one mind with our pooches in the matter. When they see them settled on the beach, they charge at them and make them get back into the air where they belong!

  5. I hear we get those birds out this way sometimes (we are a little more than 20 miles from the beach), but I’ve never seen them! They sound REALLY annoying!

  6. Ahh back to fresh salty air soon for you! Me? Dealing with a phone company that says I owe money not owed…

  7. That second photo looks as if you are getting ready to jump up into the air and grab one of those mean dingy devils. Soon, brofur, soon. Only a couple of more sleeps. Meowy Catmess…MOL, HO, HO,HO! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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